European Expo Dubai

Become a Partner

01 October 2021 - 31 March 2022


European Expo Dubai represents a strategic business opportunity for companies in a wide range of sectors, from the creation of exhibition services to the development of the theme and content.

European Expo Dubai plans to collaborate jointly with leading companies from all over Europe who will be able to propose inspiring experiences and ideas for the future of our planet.

European Expo Dubai guarantees a unique visibility opportunity to the companies with which it will work in partnership in order to demonstrate their leadership and develop future competitive advantages in their respective areas of expertise.

The partnership with European Expo Dubai will allow the company to consolidate its reputation and competitive positioning by leveraging the international platform of European Expo Dubai and the visibility offered by the World Expo 2020 Universal Exposition to capture the attention of institutions, the world of politics and consumers around the world.

The Partnership model developed also aims to create opportunities for active collaboration between the Partners, which will allow the company to create future strategic alliances and potential business opportunities in favorable and related sectors.

European Expo Dubai is looking for economic operators, one for each area and category of products and services identified, for sponsorship contracts.


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