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© 2020 European Expo Dubai. Privacy Policy

European Expo Dubai

General Regulations

20 October 2020 - 10 April 2021

1. Organization - Date and place of the Exhibition.

EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI - "Under the High Patronage Of the European Parliament” in collaboration with Union Of European Experts Chambers - organizes EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI (Dubai International European Show), to be held from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021 in the territory of Dubai South.

2. Exhibition Hours.

The exhibition is open to visitors in two part-sessions, the first from 20 October 2020 to 10 January 2021 and the second from 20 January to 10 April 2021 the times will be communicated later.
It is possible to exhibit for all six months but for 10 days from 10 to 20 January 2021, the exhibition is closed to visitors.

During the opening hours, the exhibition spaces must be occupied by the Exhibitors and the products on display must be discovered. The Organizer reserves the unquestionable right to modify the duration, dates and times of opening and closing of the Exhibition, without any right of compensation to the Exhibitors, giving notice to the Exhibitors within the sixtieth day preceding the date originally set for opening.

3. Exhibitors admitted

Companies, agents, representatives and traders who meet these requirements are allowed to participate:

1) Registered office in one of the 27 member states of the European Union.
2) Registered office in Europe operational at least 12 months before the request to participate in the exhibition

4. Application for Admission

The Application Form, drawn up on the appropriate forms and duly signed by the Legal Representative of the applicant Company, must reach EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI, by 15 July 2020.
Only applications completed and signed in accordance with these Regulations are accepted. General and accompanied by the payment provided for in Art. 5 EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI unquestionably decides whether or not to accept the application. By signing the "Application form" and the "General Regulations", the Exhibitor formally undertakes to participate in the event, to accept the provisions of these General Regulations and all subsequent additions, modifications and derogations adopted by the Organizer, as well as the rules reported in the "Technical Regulations". Space bookings of less than 16 m2 are not accepted, unless otherwise specified by the Organizer.

5. Participation fees

A. The basic in the exhibition area is set at € 700,00 per square meter.
B. The fee for the exhibitor who owns the stand for registration and media service

of Euro 1.000,00 (see Art. 9.a).
C. The fee for the basic stand (if required) € 180,00 per square meter (see Art. 9.b)

5a. Discounts and tariff concessions

EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI recognizes a 20% discount on the participation fee on square meters exceeding the number of 60 square meters.

The discount will be counted during the invoicing of the balance, after the notification of the stand assignment has been issued.

Those who intend to participate for the entire duration of the exhibition (from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021) will have to pay 50% more than all the amounts described in this article (Art.5 . a. b. c.)

6. Payment terms.

Together with this application form, the Exhibitor is required to pay the following bookings:

  • Euro 210,00 for each square meters, surface area required (minimum surface 16 square meters).

  • Euro 1.000,00 for the exhibitor who owns the stand as registration fee and media service.

  • Euro 50,00 per square meter for the basic stand (if required).

    Payment must be made by bank transfer to: Unione Camere Esperti Europei

  • IBAN NUMBER: IT 18 H 03268 01004 000908853090


  • Account Currency: 000908853090

  • Reason for payment: EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI.

  • The balance of the participation fees must be paid within 15 days of receipt of the invoice and in any case 2 months before entering the Exhibition Center.

Only exhibitors who have paid the balance within the deadlines will be allowed to enter the neighborhood and services will be provided.

7. Allocation of exhibition areas.

The acceptance of the application for admission and the assignment of the stand will be decided unquestionably by EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI. For technical and organizational needs EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI reserves the right to change, reduce or modify the assigned exhibition area and this without right for the Exhibitor to indemnity or compensation for any reason. This will be communicated to the Exhibitor before paying the balance. The stands can only be used for the area and position resulting from the documents issued by the Organizer. The transfer, even free of charge, albeit partial, of the stand is strictly prohibited. It is also forbidden to display products not indicated in the form attached to the application for admission, or from another manufacturer, as well as any form of recall made on behalf of another company. In case of non-compliance with these rules, the Organizer has the right to close the exhibition area due to the fault of the Participant without reimbursement of the fees paid and without prejudice to any damage for the Exhibition for which a penalty payment may be requested. Provided that it is declared, the use of devices or products strictly necessary for any demonstrations of the product on display is exceptionally permitted, provided that this does not constitute an advertising factor for non-exhibiting companies. The brand of the device used by the Exhibitor must be obscured.

8. Waiver of participation.

The Company which, due to proven impossibility, was unable to attend the event, may request the dissolution of the commitment made, by submitting a written request by and no later than 30 July 2020. In this case EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI acquires the right to forfeit the sums paid in any capacity by the renouncing company, as well as having at its disposal the area made available. If the cancellation is received after this deadline, the exhibitor is obliged to pay the entire participation fee as a penalty.

All this stated without prejudice to any legal action and to the request for any damages by EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI.

9. Services included in the participation fees.

a) The basic fee, in addition to the exhibition area, includes the following services:

• European Expo Dubai "Official Exhibitor" logos • Wi-Fi service
• Sign with the indicative number of the stand
• Registration in the official catalog

  • 1 copy of the catalog

  • Entrance passes for the staff of the exhibiting company

  • Invitation tickets for customers

  • Stand cleaning service

  • Extinguisher equipment according to law

  • Absolute of the copyrights deriving from any installations audiovisual in the

    stands, subject to exacting rules. However, this coverage does not include live

    performances (with singer and / or musical instruments) for which the Exhibitor

  • must arrange directly at the competent offices located in the city. The rights due to performers and phonographic producers for the diffusion of phonograms and music videos during fashion shows, DJ sets with or without dance are not included. Therefore the organizers of these events are invited to contact us if they

    wish to carry out these events.

  • Electric power installed up to 3 kW

  • General surveillance of the pavilions and general fire prevention. Special

    Surveillance services can be requested from EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI, for a fee

    by specific request.

  • the fee for the standard media service includes: On-line catalog, stand location,

    product categories, EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI "Official Exhibitor" sections, brands etc, referring both to the direct exhibitor and to the companies represented, as well as the combination between Exhibitor and represented. The basic profile also provides for the insertion of a short description and two images.

  • At the request of individual exhibitors, specific promotional events may be organized, to be agreed with the organization and exhibitor.

    b) Stand with one walls made of PVC fully printable in four-color high resolution and with various options (graphics, prints and accessories not included in the price, prices will be available within 120 days from the start of the exhibition).

    10. Exhibition Catalog

    EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI takes care of the publication of the Official Catalog of the Event, containing the following indications:

    • General information and services

    • Exhibition center

    • Alphabetical list of Exhibitors and references of the occupied exhibition area

    • List of Represented Houses

    • Product Directory

    • List of Exhibitors by type of products

      The repertoire numbers corresponding to the production program for manufacturers or products displayed by the Agents, Representatives, Distributors and Tradersmust be indicated in the appropriate form to be returned together with the application for admission. Any changes must be communicated in writing at least 90 days before the event. After this term, the variation is not guaranteed. EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI ensures the utmost diligence in the compilation of the Official Catalog and declines any responsibility for any errors or omissions and reserves the right to remedy any such shortcomings or imperfections over time and in the way it deems most appropriate. The above is also valid for any other promotional, informative or service publication prepared by the Organizer.

b) it is possible to customize the Catalog by agreement with the organization against payment at least 90 days before the start of the event.

11. Materials, goods and packaging handling - Customs

The Exhibitor is responsible for all operations related to the introduction into the Exhibition Center, unloading, placing on the stand, disassembly and re-shipment of the machines, equipment and display and set-up materials.
For safety-related reasons, Exhibitors and Bodybuilders operating on their behalf are prohibited from using their own forklifts, self-propelled cranes, aerial platforms, etc. within the Exhibition Center; for these needs they will have to resort to the Official Freight Forwarders, to guarantee the strictest observance of the safety rules. The above provisions do not apply to transport vehicles equipped with a crane arm on board, which, however, can operate inside the pavilions only if equipped with pipes for the disposal of engine exhaust fumes outside the pavilions themselves . The official courier of EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI is available to carry out any operation connected with the introduction and customs clearance of the machines and materials, including the crane service and the collection, safekeeping and redelivery service for packaging, as well as for the return of the materials. at the end of the Exhibition.

Detailed information is contained in the Technical Regulations which will be available later.

12. Declaration of value - Insurance - Limitation of liability

12.1. Declaration of value - the Exhibitor and Co-exhibitors are required to declare, using the specific form attached to the online forms, the overall "actual value" of goods, machinery, set-up materials and equipment that they intend to bring and / or use in the Exhibition Center, also on behalf of the Brands represented without prejudice to the fact that, in the absence of such declaration, the minimum capital referred to in Art. 12.2 which follows and in any case saves EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI right to verify any declaration made.

In the event of a claim, in the absence of correspondence between the value declared by the Exhibitor and the real value of the insured assets, the insured value will still be that declared by the Exhibitor.

12.2. "All Risks" policy for exhibitors and co-exhibitors (excluding terrorism and sabotage) - European Expo Dubai requires that the goods, machinery, set-up materials and equipment brought and / or used by exhibitors and co-exhibitors in the Exhibition Center are covered by an "All Risks" insurance policy (all risks), with the waiver of the insurers' recourse against third parties, including EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI and related companies, the Organizer and third parties interested in organizing the Exhibition.

Exhibitors are obliged to guarantee the goods, machinery, set-up materials and equipment brought and / or used in the Exhibition Center, have their own "All Risks" insurance, valid for Fairs and Exhibitions, with a waiver clause. Compensation of insurers against EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI, companies connected to them, the Organizer and third parties who are interested in organizing the event, said exhibitor will still be required to fill in and return the special insurance form signed, attached to the online forms , accompanied by declarations signed by its own legal representative and by the insurance company that the aforementioned assets are covered with an “All Risks” guarantee for an amount of not less than € 25,000.

12.3. Third Party Liability Policy - The Exhibitor will automatically take care of this insurance, taking charge without any charge from EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI, which will provide for a ceiling of no less than Euro 100,000,000.00 (one hundred million).

12.4. Limitation of liability - By signing the Application Form, the Exhibitor agrees to release EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI from any liability for consequential damages, image damage, loss of turnover etc. Also for direct damages, by virtue of the insurance coverage referred to in Art. 11.2 above, each Exhibitor agrees to release EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI from any liability.

13. Technical services, cleaning.

Within the limits allowed by existing systems, water and other special technical supplies are provided, the Exhibitor being responsible for connection to the nearest outlets and reimbursement of supply costs. The supply of electricity up to 3 kW, as well as the cleaning of the exhibition areas, are included in the participation fee.

14. Availability and preparation of the stands

The exhibition fronts can be set up with closed-type structures for a development of less than 50% of the size of each front.
The fittings and related systems must be built in a workmanlike manner, in compliance with the accident prevention and fire prevention standards.

Furthermore, all the safety rules regarding the activities contracted by the Exhibitor to the executing companies (stand assembly / disassembly activities and related activities) must also be observed. The set-up project for stands with a surface equal to or greater than 100 square meters or a height equal to or greater than 3 m, must be strictly sent to EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI for approval within 120 days before the start of the Exhibition.

EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI decides on requests for possible exceptions. Provisions and detailed rules are contained in the "Technical Regulations" which will be made available later.

15. Prohibitions

Generally it is forbidden how much harm, disturbance or damage can be caused to the smooth running of the event and its purposes, and in particular it is strictly forbidden:
a) distribute printed matter and advertising media outside the exhibition areas.

b) any type of sound transmission not previously authorized.
c) carry out initiatives in the form of shows or entertainment of any kind, nature and characteristics.

16. Clearance of stands

After the closure of the Exhibition in the first part-session from 20 October 2020 to 10 January 2021, all stands must be vacated and those not acquired directly through the organization must be dismantled by 14 January 2021, in the second part-session from 20 From 10 January to April 10, 2021 the stands must all be vacated and those not acquired directly through the organization must be dismantled by April 15, 2021. Otherwise, EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI, assumes no responsibility for goods, materials and any other objects. deposited on the stand, therefore, reserves the right to collect and keep them, without any responsibility and at the expense, risk and danger of the defaulting party. After two months, the items that have not been claimed will be disposed of or sold at auction and the proceeds will be retained for the costs of restoring the areas. As for stands not acquired directly through the organization, if not dismantled in these dates, the cost of dismantling will be applied at the exhibitor's expense.

17. Protection of industrial and intellectual property.

By signing the Application, the Exhibitor assumes all criminal and civil liability for what is displayed on his stand - simultaneously relieving EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI of any kind of liability - if other economic entities claim industrial and / or intellectual property on the above.

Exhibitors are committed to respecting third party industrial property rights. Any violation ascertained by the competent authorities, if notified to EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI, will not imply the latter's right to adopt restrictive measures against the infringer during the Event, but will authorize EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI to exclude the infringer from subsequent demonstrations.

18. Compliance with Laws

The Exhibitor is required to observe all applicable laws, regulations and uses and in particular the rules relating to personnel and the prevention of accidents and fires.

19. Cases of force majeure

In case of force majeure, the date of the Exhibition can be changed. In the event of absolute exceptionality, the Exhibition itself may not take place at all for reasons that are absolutely independent of the will of the organizers. In the latter event, the sums available, after the obligations undertaken towards third parties have been fulfilled, will be distributed among the Exhibitors in proportion to the individual payments made, without them being able, for any reason or for any reason, to cite for damage the Organizers.

20. Complaints

Any complaints must be submitted in writing to EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI which unquestionably decides in the general interest of the Exhibition.

21. Other provisions and standards

EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI reserves the right to immediately exclude Exhibitors who have broken the General Regulations from the Exhibition. In this case no refund will be recognized. The company excluded from an event may not be admitted to subsequent editions. In the event of non-compliance with rules of general interest, EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI reserves - in addition to the one mentioned above - the right to apply compensation.

22. EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI reserves the right to establish rules and provisions it deems appropriate to better regulate the Exhibition and the related services. These rules and regulations have the same value as these Regulations and are mandatory.

23. Treatment of the Exhibitor's Personal Data

23.1 The Personal Data referred to the Exhibitor, if operating as an individual company, small business owner or professional, as well as to the relative representatives, representatives, employees and collaborators, indicated in the Application for admission or also released subsequently, and also acquired from third parties (e.g.: partners, commercial information companies, etc.) or as part of the Exhibition (also, for example, any photos or video recordings at the stands are collected and processed by EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI., as Owner for the activities of their respective competence, in the terms described in the privacy information referred to in Annex I.

23.2 The attached information referred to in the previous paragraph is made by EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI. pursuant to art. 13 of the GDPR and the Exhibitor undertakes to communicate it to the natural persons (its representatives, representatives, employees and collaborators), to whom the Personal Data provided for the purpose of participating in the Exhibition and the provision of the related services refer, as well as to ensure that the Personal Data are lawfully usable by our Companies for these purposes and to indemnify and / or indemnify our Companies for any cost or damage deriving from the Exhibitor's violation of the obligations assumed pursuant to this article towards our Companies.

24. Work safety

Each Exhibitor is bound to the most scrupulous observance of the entire current regulatory system, also and above all regarding the protection of the health and physical integrity of workers, and labor, social security and welfare legislation for the entire duration of the Exhibition, including the assembly and disassembly times of the stand fittings and any other related activities.

25. Stand surveillance

EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI provides a general surveillance service for the pavilions. Exhibitors are required to supervise their stands throughout the opening hours of the Exhibition as well as to provide for the safekeeping of the materials introduced into the stands during the exhibition set-up and demobilization period, and for the scheduled opening hours. Valuables, easily removable, must be locked in drawers or wardrobes.

26. Jurisdiction

For the interpretation of all the provisions contained in these General Regulations and in all subsequent communications, additions, modifications and derogations, only the English text and the law of the state of Dubai for the contracts relating to the management of the event and for any dispute the Dubai court has jurisdiction.

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