European Expo Dubai

General Regulation

01 October 2021 - 31 March 2022




1. Organization - Date and place of the exhibition.

European Expo Dubai - "Under the High Patronage of the European Parliament" in collaboration with Union Of European Experts Chambers - organizes EUROPEAN EXPO DUBAI (Dubai International European Exhibition), which will be held from 01 October 2021 to March 31 2022 in the Dubai South territory.

2. Exhibition times.

With a view to favoring SMEs, the exhibition will be divided into six sessions of 25 days divided as follows:

• from 01 to 25 October 2021
• from 01 to 25 November 2021

• from 01 to 25 December 2021

• from 01 to 25 January 2022
• from 01 to 25 February 2022

• from 01 to 31 March 2022

During opening hours, the exhibition spaces must be occupied by Exhibitors and the products on display must be discovered.
The Organizer reserves the unquestionable right to change the duration, dates and opening and closing times of the Exhibition, without any right of compensation to the Exhibitors, notifying the Exhibitors within the ninetieth day prior to the date originally scheduled for opening.

3. Exhibitors admitted

Companies, agents, representatives and traders who meet these requirements are allowed to participate:

  1. Registered office in one of the 27 member states of the European Union.

  2. Registered office in Europe operational at least 6 months before the request for

    participation in the exhibition.

4. Application for admission

The application form, drawn up on the appropriate forms and duly signed by legal representative of the applicant company, must reach European Expo Dubai, by 15 May 2021.
Only applications completed and signed in accordance with this are accepted Regulation General and accompanied by the payment referred to in art. 5. European Expo Dubai undoubtedly decides whether to accept the application or not. By signing the "Application Form" and the "General Regulations", the Exhibitor will formally undertakes to participate in the event, to accept the provisions of these General Regulations and all subsequent additions, amendments and exceptions adopted by the Organizer, as well as the rules set out in the “Regulations technical". Reservations of spaces smaller than 16 square meters are not accepted, if not otherwise specified by the Organizer.

5. Participation fees

European Expo Dubai provides companies with five possible choices:

1. All-inclusive stand of 16 sq. m - € 6,000
2. All-inclusive stand of 32 sq. m - € 11.640 - 3% discount applied

3. All-inclusive stand of 48 sq. m - € 17.100 - 5% discount applied

4. All-inclusive stand of 64 sq. m - € 21.600 - 10% discount applied

5. All-inclusive stand of 80 sq. m - € 25.500 - 15% discount applied

It is possible to participate in more sessions and for each session it must be carried out a new booking.

6. Terms of payment.

Together with this application form, the Exhibitor is required to pay the 30 % of the overall cost of the chosen booking as per the following scheme:

All-inclusive stand of 16 sq. m - Advance € 1.800
All-inclusive stand of 32 sq. m - Advance € 3.492 - 3% discount applied

All-inclusive stand of 48 sq. m - Advance € 5.130 - 5 % discount applied

All-inclusive stand of 64 sq. m - Advance € 6,480 - 10% discount applied

All-inclusive stand of 80 sq. m - Advance € 7.650 - 15% discount applied

Payment can be made directly on the website by credit card on the main circuits: Visa MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, Diners, CUP, JBC and Maestro or by bank transfer banking by filling in the appropriate part on the website.

The balance of the participation fees must be paid within 30 days from receipt of the invoice and in any case 3 months before entering the center exhibition.

Only exhibitors who have paid the balance within the deadlines will be authorized to enter the neighborhood and services will be provided.

7. Allocation of exhibition areas.

For technical and organizational needs European Expo Dubai reserves the right to change, reduce or modify the assigned exhibition area without the right the Exhibitor to indemnify or compensate for any reason. This will come communicated to the Exhibitor before paying the balance. The stands can be used only for the area and position resulting from the documents issued by the Organizer. The transfer, even free of charge, even if partial, of the stand is strictly prohibited. It is also forbidden to view products not indicated in the form attached to the application for admission or from another manufacturer, as well as any form of recall made on behalf of another company. In case of non-compliance with these rules, the Organizer has the right to close the exhibition area due to Participant's fault without reimbursement of fees paid and without prejudice to any damage for the Exhibition for which a penalty may be requested. On condition that is declared, the use of devices or products strictly necessary for any demonstration of the exhibited product is exceptionally permitted, provided that this does not constitute an advertising factor for non-exhibiting companies. The brand of the device used by the Exhibitor must be obscured.

8. Waiver of participation.

The Company which, due to proven impossibility, was unable to participate at the event, can request the dissolution of the commitment assumed, presenting a written request no later than 30 June 2021. In this case, European Expo Dubai acquires the right to withhold the sums paid for any reason by company that renounces, in addition to having the area made available. If the cancellation is received after this deadline, the exhibitor is required to pay the entire participation fee as a penalty.

All of this has been stated without prejudice to any legal action and to the claim for damages by European Expo Dubai.

9. Services included in the participation fees

a) The fee, in addition to the exhibition area, includes the following services:

• "Official exhibitors" logo of the European Expo Dubai • Wi-Fi service
• Registration in the official catalog
• 1 copy of the catalog

• Entry pass for exhibiting company staff
• Invitation cards for customers
• Stand cleaning service
• Equipment for fire extinguishers according to law • Installed electrical power up to 3 kW

• Stand with a fully printable four-color PVC wall ad high resolution and with various options (graphics, prints are included in the price)

• General surveillance of the pavilions and general fire prevention.

Special surveillance services can be requested at European Expo Dubai, for a fee on specific request.

At the request of individual exhibitors, promotional events can be organized specific, to be agreed with the organization and the exhibitor.

10. Catalog of the exhibition

European Expo Dubai deals with the publication of the official Catalog event, containing the following information:

• General information and service
• Exhibition center
• Alphabetical list of exhibitors and references of the exhibition area occupied • List of houses represented
• Product directory
• List of exhibitors by type of products

Any changes must be communicated in writing at least 90 days in advance of the event. After this deadline, the change is not guaranteed. European Expo Dubai guarantees the utmost diligence in compiling the official catalog e disclaims any responsibility for any errors or omissions and reserves the right to remedy these shortcomings or imperfections over time and in the way you see fit appropriate. The above is also valid for any other publication promotional, information or service prepared by the Organizer.

b) it is possible to customize the Catalog by agreement with the organization behind it payment at least 90 days before the start of the event.

11. Handling of materials, goods and packaging - Customs

The Exhibitor is responsible for all operations relating to introduction into the Center Exhibition, unloading, positioning on the stand, disassembly and reshipment of machinery, equipment and exhibits e installation.
For safety reasons, it is to exhibitors and bodybuilders who work on their behalf it is forbidden to use your own forklifts, self-propelled cranes, aerial platforms, etc. Inside the Exhibition Center; for these needs they will have to resort to official shippers, to ensure the strictest compliance with safety standards.

The above provisions do not apply to transport vehicles equipped with boom of cranes on board, which however can operate inside the halls only if equipped of pipes for the disposal of engine exhaust fumes outside the pavilions themselves. The official courier of European Expo Dubai is available to perform any operation connected with the introduction and clearance of customs machinery and materials,

including crane service and collection service, custody and return of packaging, as well as for the return of materials. to the end of the exhibition.
Detailed information is contained in the Technical Regulations which will be available later.

12. Declaration of Value - Insurance - Limitation of Liability

12.1. Declaration of value: the Exhibitor and Co-exhibitors are required to declare, using the specific form attached to the online forms, the "real value” total of goods, machinery, installation materials and equipment that intend to bring and / or use in the Exhibition Center, also on behalf of the Brands represented without prejudice to the fact that, in the absence of such declaration, the capital minimum referred to in art. 12.2 which follows and in any case is subject to European law EXPO DUBAI to verify any declaration made.

In the event of a claim, in the absence of correspondence between the declared value from the Exhibitor and the real value of the insured assets, the insured value will be in any case the one declared by the Exhibitor.

12.2. "All Risks" policy for exhibitors and co-exhibitors (excluding terrorism and sabotage) - European Expo Dubai requires that the goods, machinery, materials of staging and equipment brought and / or used by exhibitors and co-exhibitors in the exhibition center are covered by an "All Risks" insurance policy, with the waiver of recourse by insurers against third parties, including European Expo Dubai and related companies, the Organizer and interested third parties to the organization of the exhibition.

Exhibitors are required to ensure that the goods, machinery, materials of equipment and equipment brought and / or used in the exhibition center, have a own insurance "All Risks", valid for fairs and exhibitions, with a clause of exemption. Compensation of insurers against European Expo Dubai, the companies connected to them, the Organizer and third parties interested in organizing the event, that exhibitors must in any case complete and return the insurance form signed special, attached to online forms, accompanied with signed declarations by your legal representative and the company insurance that the aforementioned goods are covered by an "All Risks" guarantee for a amount not less than € 25,000.

12.3. Third Party Liability Policy - The Exhibitor will take this automatically care of this insurance, taking charge without any charge from European Expo Dubai, which has a ceiling of no less than Euro 100,000,000.00 (one hundred million).

12.4. Limitation of Liability - By signing the Application Form, the Exhibitor agrees to release European Expo Dubai from any liability for damages consequential damage, image damage, loss of turnover, etc. Even for direct damage, by virtue of the insurance coverage pursuant to art. 11.2 above, each Exhibitor yes undertakes to release European Expo Dubai from any liability.

13. Technical services, cleaning.

To the extent permitted by existing systems, water and other supplies are provided special techniques, the Exhibitor is responsible for connecting to multiple points of sale neighbors and reimbursement of supply costs. The supply of electricity up to 3 Kw and the cleaning of the exhibition areas are included in the participation fee.

14. Prohibitions

Generally it is forbidden to do anything that damages or disturbs the correct performance of the event and its purposes, and in particular it is strictly prohibited:

  1. To distribute printed material and advertising media outside the areas exhibition.

  2. Any kind of sound transmission not previously authorized.

  3. Carry out initiatives in the form of shows or performances of any kind, nature and characteristics.

15. Liquidation of the stands

After the close of the Exhibition of each session all stands must be vacated within two days of the end of the session.
Otherwise the organization assumes no responsibility for goods, materials and other objects deposited at the stand, therefore, reserves the right to withdraw them e keep them, without any responsibility and at the expense, risk and peril of the party defaulting.

16. Protection of industrial and intellectual property

By signing the application, the Exhibitor assumes all criminal and civil liability for what is displayed on its stand - simultaneously lifting European Expo Dubai from any kind of liability - if other entities economic claims claim industrial and / or intellectual property on the above.

The exhibitors undertake to respect the industrial property rights of third parties. Any violation ascertained by the competent authorities, if notified to European Expo Dubai, does not imply the latter's right to adopt restrictive measures in against the infringer during the Event, but will authorize European Expo Dubai to exclude the offender from subsequent demonstrations.

17. Compliance with Laws

The Exhibitor is required to observe all applicable laws, regulations and usages and in particular the rules relating to personnel and the prevention of accidents and fires.

18. Cases of force majeure

In case of force majeure, the date of the Exhibition can be changed. In case of absolute exception, the Exhibition itself may not take place at all for reasons absolutely independent of the will of the organizers. In this last case, the sums available, once the obligations assumed towards third parties, will be distributed among the Exhibitors in proportion to the individual payments carried out, without them being able, for any reason or for any reason, sue for harming the organizers.

19. Complaints

Any complaints must be submitted in writing to European Expo Dubai which it undoubtedly decides in the general interest of the Exhibition.

20. Other provisions and regulations

European Expo Dubai reserves the right to immediately exclude Exhibitors who have broken the Fair's General Regulations. In this case it will not come no refund recognized. The company excluded from an event cannot be admitted to subsequent editions. In case of non-compliance with the rules of interest general, European Expo Dubai reserves - in addition to the one mentioned above - the right to claim compensation.

21. European Expo Dubai reserves the right to establish the rules and regulations it deems appropriate to better regulate the exhibition and related services.
These rules and regulations have the same value as these regulations and they are mandatory.

22. Treatment of the exhibitor's personal data

22.1 Personal data referring to the Exhibitor, if they operate as a single company, owner of a small business or professional, as well as related representatives, representatives, employees and collaborators, indicated in the application for admission or even subsequently issued, and also acquired by third parties (eg. partners, commercial information companies, etc.) or as part of the exhibition (also, for example, any photos or video recordings) at the stands come collected and processed by European Expo Dubai, as owner of the activities of the respective competences.

23. Safety at work

Each Exhibitor is required to strictly observe the entire system current legislation, also and above all as regards the protection of health and physical integrity of workers, and labor legislation, of the social security and welfare for the entire

duration of the Exhibition, including the assembly and disassembly times for stand fittings and any other activity related.

24. Surveillance stand

European Expo Dubai offers a general surveillance service for the pavilions. The exhibitors are required to supervise their stands during opening hours of the fair, as well as to provide for the custody of the materials introduced in the stands during the period of preparation and dismantling of the exhibition and at the times of expected opening. Valuables, easily removable, must be locked in drawers or cabinets.

25. Jurisdiction

For the interpretation of all the provisions contained in these Regulations General and in all subsequent communications, additions, amendments and exceptions, only English text and Dubai state law are valid for related contracts to the management of the event and for any dispute the Dubai court is qualified.