European Expo Dubai

Official Sponsor

01 October 2021 - 31 March 2022


European Expo Dubai is looking for economic operators, one for each area and product category identified, for sponsorship contracts. The chosen operators will be the "Official Sponsor" of European Expo Dubai.

Request for Proposal

European Expo Dubai with this publication requires a series of economic operators, one for each area and product category identified, with which a special sponsorship contract will be stipulated and which will acquire the quality of "Official Sponsor" of European Expo Dubai.


Companies wishing to apply must submit the best technical and economic offer in relation to the following activities:

  • Children hospitality;

  • Children lunch Box;

  • Children Park gadgets;

  • Restaurant service management;

  • Energy drinks;

  • Fragrance;

  • Hospitality and hotel;

  • Visitor assistance;

  • Watch & timekeeper.

The research is also aimed at companies in other sectors that wish to have visibility on the European Expo Dubai website and offer themselves as sponsors of other projects that European Expo Dubai will propose from now to the coming months.
By virtue of the awarding of individual Sponsorships, should the successful bidders indicate their willingness to sell products or provide services on the exhibition site during the European Expo Dubai semester, they will be required to pay European Expo Dubai a royalty of 5% on the product turnover.

Value of the Partnership

The Partnership consists of two elements:

  • bank transfert contribution that cannot be less than 0.5 million euro

  • royalties on the distribution turnover of the products not less than 5%.


The Sponsor will be granted the visibility rights in European Expo Dubai, the right to use the Exposition logo / brand and the right to presence and visibility within the European Expo Dubai site during the Exhibition semester. In addition to the right of visibility in the Global Communication program and in the Marketing activities of European Expo Dubai and the opportunity to develop business and hospitality packages targeted for its customers.

Who can participate and terms.

Individual companies or temporary groupings of companies can participate in individual sponsorship notices, which have proven experience in their sector of reference and have the necessary qualifications for carrying out their activities.

Interested companies must also comply with the following requirements:

belonging sector different from that relating to partnership / sponsorship of European Expo Dubai already in place or relating to specific sponsorship areas indicated;

European Expo Dubai will select the sponsors by evaluating the first proposal received, according to the chronological order of presentation.