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Technological innovation remains a key factor in economic growth, as evidenced by both the Global Innovation Index and the Global Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum. Scientific and technological research and development, creativity, new ideas and the ability to implement new business models will increasingly determine the success of a country ".

As shown by a recent study by the European Commission, the heart of the Italian tech sector is in London and is known as Silicon Roundabout. According to the European Commission’s 2016 Innovation Scoreboard, Sweden is the most innovative country in Europe, supported by exemplary human resource management and high-quality academic research. Denmark, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands are among the top five.

In this pavilion you will find the innovative European heart and all the news that the old continent is ready to introduce to our availability.

Tecnology Innovation

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Culture for The Future

Can European cultural heritage play a decisive role in determining the identity of the peoples of the Union? To answer this question it is first of all necessary to ask ourselves if there is today a European cultural heritage or a "cultural heritage of European importance", or if what we define as such is not just a summation of the individual national heritage of the Member States. Referring to a distinctly European cultural heritage is not easy, as it is not easy to talk about European identity. The "cultural detection" in the construction of the sense of belonging of a community certainly has a significant weight, and could have it also with reference to the European identity, but it is necessary that there is a cultural heritage directly son of the European Union and in this pavilion we will find the answer.

Fare la pasta della pizza

EatHealthy Pavilion

This pavilion is made of temptations at every corner, traditional dishes to try from every single country, with the aim of transmitting to the new generations the culture of healthy eating, the result is a real paradise for food lovers!

France is known for its excellent baguettes and delicious macarons, in Germany there is no lack of grilled Bratwurst, perfect to accompany one of the many craft beers. If you are curious in Greece do not miss the famous moussaka, a typical eggplant dish and minced meat.

Among the traditional dishes of Dutch cuisine we find the stampport, composed of mashed potatoes and vegetables or bacon, and the bitterballen, small croquettes of boiled meat.

And then there is Italian cuisine, famous for the quality and diversity of regional dishes. The tradition of Neapolitan pizza is now known throughout the world and the countless typical recipes are handed down from generation to generation.

We could go on and talk about the Portuguese pastéies, or the Spanish paella, or the surströmming, a delicious Swedish dish based on harangues. The truth is that the dishes to try around Europe are truly endless! Come with us to visit this pavilion and you will not be disappointed.



The European Union policy contributes to making European industries and businesses more competitive and promoting job creation and economic growth through a business-friendly environment.

In the face of globalization and the intensification of competition from emerging countries, Europe's long-term economic prosperity will depend on the strength of its industrial base rather than on the services and banking sectors. Research and innovation are fundamental for the development of technologies and approaches that guarantee the future of the European manufacturing sector.

In supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, the European Union is committed to removing the remaining barriers to trade and to preventing new ones from being created, promoting a European market favorable to businesses and consumers, based on transparency and simple rules and standards and consistent. Here the visitor will be able to touch the best services to people and businesses that European companies can offer.